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Need a Bitcoin Wallet? 

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It will enable you to gather together small amounts of various coins, primarily bitcoin, with which you can stash in a wallet somewhere for your own use as you see fit.

It WILL become commonplace online.. and very possibly OFFLINE! 

               Understand that fact before it does, and be 'ahead of the pack'. 

Even the 'masses' will slowly adopt it within a few years. ~ IMHO 

As always..

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..a bit about bitcoin

         & crypto currency generally

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Well, onto the WHY for this site!

It is not really an educational site.

Yup..  it is indeed wonderful site designed to get


[and a few other essential Crypto Coins] 

for my esteemed  visitors ..  NICE ! !

Hooweverr !  .. a Caveat !

I am part imbecile and for that reason and other legal stuff, I need to state that nothing on this site should be construed as financial advice or in any way a recommendation similarly. 

It is founded entirely upon my opinion and experiences.

Now.. a question..  What do you know about bitcoin?

Making an assumption, that as I consider, you can always learn more, I have provided a link below to a very useful information resource that can go a long way towards answering any essential questions you may wish to have answered. 

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Hello :)  Thanks for visiting! ..  Maybe you are a returning visitor!? Nice .. 

welcome back!

Exciting times are upon us. Bitcoin & Crypto Currencies et al are continuing the inexorable momentum towards universal acceptance and utilisation.

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There are 100,000,000 Satoshi in 1 Bitcoin

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